Add two portions of Electrophonics and two portions of Howlin 'Bill, winner of the 1ste European Blues Challenge in Berlin 2011, along with one pinch Rhythm Bombs, Liberators, Fried Bourbon, Regulators and Eastville Sinner, shake well, take off the cream and you get 4 gallons of explosive gasoline

Travellin’ is not in the name by chance, these four gentlemen worked with their respective bands all over Europe. You could find them on festival stages in Norway, Sweden, Poland, Germany, France, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and Italy. And of course, being the Boys from Benelux, in every corner of Belgium and the Netherlands.

This blues mobile influences range from Texas to the West Coast, across Memphis heading for Chicago and then to the UK’s British Blues Boom. The four gentlemen find their inspiration in many different kinds of music and bring a fresh and yet familiar repertoire, supplemented with a few precisely chosen covers. That's what you can expect from this new band, brought with tons of energy and enthusiasm.

Piano-player and Hammond wizard Patrick Cuyvers, guest musician on two tracks of the debut album "Wired Up", joins the band as a full member in 2020.

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Worldwide debut album release “Wired Up” on January 25, 2019:

• No. 1 in the Independent Blues Broadcasters Association airplay chart of January 2019 in the UK.
• No. 4 in the Powerblues chart of the Association des Radios Blues of February 2019 in France.
• 17 weeks in The Roots Music Report’s Top 50 Blues Rock Album airplay chart in 2019 in the US.


Stephan Hermsen: vocals, harp
Jimmy Hontelé: guitar
Patrick Cuyvers: Hammond organ & piano
Winne Penninckx: bass
Marc Gijbels: drums


11/11/2018 Keeping the Blues Alive - Vlierden (NL)
17/11/2018 Blues in Schoten - Schoten (B)
19/11/2018 De Blauwe Kater - Leuven (B)
29/11/2018 Missy Sippy - Gent (B)
01/12/2018 Café Forum - Maastricht (NL)
08/12/2018 Blues Traffic Live - Beringe (NL)
15/12/2018 Elckerlyc - St Lambrechts Herk (B)

01/02/2019 Bielefelder Jazzclub - Bielefeld (GE)
15/02/2019 De Ploeg - Diepenbeek (B)
24/03/2019 Bar Spot - Spijkenisse (NL)
31/03/2019 Frürocken - Eupen (B)
22/04/2019 Sunny Blues - Nuenen (NL)
11/05/2019 Open Music - Comines (B)
06/07/2019 Hookrock - Diepenbeek (BE) 
13/07/2019 Blues Express – Differdange (LU)
20/07/2019 Blues Peer – Peer (B)
28/09/2019 Café ut Midde - Blerick (NL)
05/10/2019 La Forge Festival - Tournai (B)
13/10/2019 JekerJazz festival - Maastricht (NL)
03/11/2019 XXL Blues Club - Wageningen (NL)
16/11/2019 MJC - Morlaix (FR)
17/11/2019 Café Théodore - Trédez-Locquemeau (FR)
30/11/2019 Café Ut Vloot - Maastricht (NL) 
07/12/2019 Bluessociëteit l’Esprit - Rotterdam (NL)
26/12/2019 Blues Promotion - Dongen (NL)  

25/01/2020 Big D bookings Juke Joint event - Diest (B)
22/02/2020 Blues-sphere – Liège (B)
24/10/2020 Bluesroute – Helmond (NL)

26/03/2021 Potatoes Blues Festival – Luneray (FR)
24/04/2021 Hookrock Indoor festival – Diepenbeek (B)
08/05/2021 Moulin Blues festival – Ospel (NL)
14/05/2021 Trieux Tonic Blues festival – Lézardrieux (FR)
06/06/2021 Goezot in 't Hofke festival – Oud-Turnhout (B)
07/08/2021 Oetsloven festival – Oetsloven (B)



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